What is Astrology?

  • The term Astrology is derived from "Astro" and "Logos". "Astro" stands for Stars and "Logos" stands for Language, thus meaning "Language of the Stars".
  • Hindi word for Astrology is "Jyotish", the 6th Vedanga (part of Vedas), which literally means "Eyes of the Vedas".
  • Astrology is an ancient subject and has been used by different civilizations, cultures in different forms and practices like Numerology, Palmistry, Reiki, Feng Shui, Aura reading etc.
  • Astrology in India has been used since the Vedic Period (23,927 BC) with significant advancements made in the Parashari Period (3000 BC to 57 BC).
  • Vedic Astrology has three main branches:
    1. Hora - deals with analysis for an individual.
    2. Ganita - Mathematics, deals with proven mathematical formulae many of which hold true for Astronomy too!
    3. Samhita - Collectives for analysis of natural events like floods, earthquakes, drought, weather etc.
  • To put it in simple terms, Astrology is the study of 9 planets, their motion across the sky against the backdrop of the 12 Zodiac Signs, 27 Constellations and the impact they have on the life on earth. This is nothing but just an extension of the Newton's Law that "Everybody in the universe exerts some force on every other body in the universe".

Why Astrology?

Planning for the future
We all have plans for the future and invest lot of money and time to secure it for ourselves and our children. Astrology can guide us to do our best specially in the field of Education, Profession and Marriage which form the pillars of the human society.

Astrology can serve as a guide / counsellor for parents in the upbringing of their chilldren, guiding students to identify their strong areas, inclinations and select the best vocation.

It is said that marriages are made in heaven and Astrology is a strong proporter of the same. In today's society where divorces are becoming common Astrology has gained more importance for match making for a compatible match and happiness in married life. It also can analyze for the likely date of marriage and aid in the planning of a blissful married life.

An astrologer can help draw a career path for an individual based on his/her inclinations and the likely fructifications. He can help identify the lean periods and periods of rise to channel the efforts in the right direction.

Improving Life
As stated earlier Astrology can help you identify your good and lean periods. It is an astrologer's domain to be able to explain what you can take control of in your destiny and what you cannot.

Gainful Efforts
Astrology helps us by guiding to increase efforts in the right direction for likely events in one's life. E.g. Forecasting the date of marriage gives the parents confidence to put in their best efforts in the said period to find a suitable match. A good period for competitions can guide towards professional success.

Why does Horary (Individual) Astrology, not seem to work in some cases?

One of the main cause in such cases is the lack of correct birth data specially the time of birth. In modern era for the time of birth of an individual we rely on the data recorded in the hospitals which may or may not be the correct time. Doctors and the medical staff in the OT during delivery are more concerned with the well being of the new born and the mother rather than the correct time and hardly look at their watch. Some of these doctors have to attend multiple patients back to back and only get time to record time of birth later which they put down with a certain degree of approximation or guess for every case of delivery. This approximation of time of birth can make a whole lot of difference in the calculations of the planetary positions and their operational period sequence (Dashas). Astrology has a different technique to rectify or find the correct time of birth in such cases.

* Some parts of the above text have been inspired by the teachings and writings of my Gurus (Teachers) at Bhartiya Vidya Bhawan, New Delhi, India and Ashya Astrology in no way claims them to be its original work.