26 Jan 2022

Happy Republic Day friends!

30 Oct 2017


For Libra ascendant, Saturn acts as a Yogakaraka, being 4th Lord of home, mother, vehicles, land etc. and 5th Lord of education, children, wealth, creativity. In this way it works as a benefic planet.

25 Oct 2017




09 Oct 2017

Oscars or The Academy Awards are well known international movie awards held every year to honour contributions in the movie industry from American and other International communities.

04 Oct 2017

Jupiter in Libra - Part II

27 Sep 2017

Jupiter the planet of good fortune / luck, God’s blessings, spouse in female charts, higher education etc. enters the sign of Libra on 12th September 2017 and will stay here till 11th October 2018.

The following will be the effects of its stay in Libra on the various Ascendant signs.